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Since '90 I’ve been working as freelance journalist. I write about Ict, Internet, Multimedia, Education, Tourism and Travel, giving great attention to trends, new tendencies and cultural changes.

Actually, I write for the Italian newspaper CORRIERE DELLA SERA in Economy, Job, TRAVELS, Internet & Multimedia sections. I also work for the business weekly Il Mondo in Technology and Companies sections, for the monthly Capital in Multimedia section, for Corriere Magazine in the Travels and Society sections and for the monthly Master Meeting. I collaborate with other publications such as Chip, Applicando, L’Espresso, Mondadori Informatica and Happy Web.

I also worked as event moderator on the occasion of business meetings, round-tables, conferences and conventions. Since the middle of the eighties, I’ve been conducting trainings on technology, new media and communications. As a freelance journalists, I am travelling all over the world in order to report on the company’s innovation projects and R&d labs.

Born in Milan, I have three sons. I got a degree in Physics (Electronics specialization) at the Università Statale of Milan. I also wrote books regarding digital-analogic electronics for Hoepli Publisher.

In 1996, I promoted the first Italian project of e.learning called Feltry online for disabled people.

“Bit&byte” has always been a passion and dedication throughout my life. I started playing with a computer in 1979 and I built an Apple IIe clone. Since then, I follow the development of electronic-informatic field, considering both the technological aspects and social-cultural implications.

My journalistic work often takes me to travel for tourism in Europe, USA, Canada, North Africa, the Middle and Far East, India, Japan and Australia, to see first hand the changes in traditions, customs and culture resulting from globalization

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